Outram Park - NATSUMIOutram Park - NATSUMI

NATSUMI(Manager)Top Stylist

Recommend style…Elegant & cute long-medium hair style / Stylish short hair style

I try to create a style that customer can recreate herself/himself easily at home. Coloring, Perm, Rebonding and any other hair requests/ hair concerns,Please feel free to talk to me ! English communication is not an issue with me. Head Spa has been very popular and recommended as well.

Outram Park - KIYOOutram Park - KIYO

KIYOTop Stylist

Recommend style…Elegant / extra special / quirky styles that are easy to manage

with my 15 years of experience , I would like to suggest hair style to customer that suit her/him best. I also have experience with magazine, TV & bridal hair & make up. If you would like to have special hair styling or make-up, please feel free to consult me as well.

Outram Park - YUIOutram Park - YUI

YUITop Stylist

Recommend style…Design Color (Balayage, Ombre etc) / Design Cut that suit face shape and hair growth

Before coming to Singapore, I had worked in a famous hair salon in Nagoya (where I am from) for 12 years (Manager for 7 years) and now I have more than 15 years of career in total. Hair is important part of face. I always am conscious of design and texture that only I can create and I value salon time with customers. I also have a Hair Care Meister certificate, so feel free to consult me on hair concerns.



Recommend style…Mens' Haircut, Short to Medium length hair style

I always try to suggest hairstyle that suits the individual's hair condition & face shape. If you have trouble maintaining hair style, please come and see me in the salon. My hobby is running (I've run full marathon 4-5 times in Japan) & also baking (cookies & cakes) too! Hope to participate some running race in Singapore as well.

Outram Park - YUIOutram Park - YUI

YASUSenior Stylist

Recommend style…Haircut to show face shape better, Haircut that is easy to maintain at home & Colour design that matches each customer

I try to create stylish hair style that can be easily achieved just by drying hair. I am also good at colouring that has sense of transparency. Nov Treatment that improves your unruly hair, colouring that suits you, design colour such as gradation colour, natural look straightening perm and etc,,, please feel free to consult your hair concern. I will help you find the hair style that makes your life more fun!