Outram Park - NATSUMIOutram Park - NATSUMI

NATSUMI(Manager)Top Stylist

Recommend style…Elegant & cute long-medium hair style / Stylish short hair style

I try to create a style that customer can recreate herself/himself easily at home. Coloring, Perm, Rebonding and any other hair requests/ hair concerns,Please feel free to talk to me ! English communication is not an issue with me. Head Spa has been very popular and recommended as well.

Outram Park - KIYOOutram Park - KIYO

KIYOTop Stylist

Recommend style…Elegant / extra special / quirky styles that are easy to manage

with my 15 years of experience , I would like to suggest hair style to customer that suit her/him best. I also have experience with magazine, TV & bridal hair & make up. If you would like to have special hair styling or make-up, please feel free to consult me as well.

Outram Park - YUIOutram Park - YUI

YUITop Stylist

Recommend style…Design Color (Balayage, Ombre etc) / Design Cut that suit face shape and hair growth

Before coming to Singapore, I had worked in a famous hair salon in Nagoya (where I am from) for 12 years (Manager for 7 years) and now I have more than 15 years of career in total. Hair is important part of face. I always am conscious of design and texture that only I can create and I value salon time with customers. I also have a Hair Care Meister certificate, so feel free to consult me on hair concerns.



Recommend style…Mens' Haircut, Short to Medium length hair style

I always try to suggest hairstyle that suits the individual's hair condition & face shape. If you have trouble maintaining hair style, please come and see me in the salon. My hobby is running (I've run full marathon 4-5 times in Japan) & also baking (cookies & cakes) too! Hope to participate some running race in Singapore as well.

Outram Park - YUIOutram Park - YUI

YASUSenior Stylist

Recommend style…Haircut to show face shape better, Haircut that is easy to maintain at home & Colour design that matches each customer

I am from Mie, Japan. With my experience as a colourist and as an experienced hair stylist including men's cut and short styles,I would like to suggest hair design & colour that I believe best suited to each customer at counselling. Hope to see you at the salon !