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iconAdvanced haircut skill
The COVO pride is our cutting technique. Not only do we have a thorough mastery of the cutting skills of the industry pioneer, Vidal Sassoon, we match your face shape, bone structure, eye color, and skin tone to suit your personality and characteristics. We are committed to giving you a long-lasting hairstyle that will be easy to manage and maintain, even at home.
iconDamage-free treatment
For coloring, perming and rebonding, we use products developed by the “Chemical Master” and Owner-Stylist of COVO Japan, Mr. Manabu. We provide our customers in Singapore the same quality of our Salon in Tokyo and strive to lessen damage just the same.
iconPrivate space with semi-private room
In Italian, COVO means “a hiding place.” When you come to COVO, you will experience a private and relaxing space as well as time. We hope you will enjoy the beautifying process and enjoy yourself to the heart’s content.
We do not charge extra fees for services such as long hair, and the appointing of stylists. We want you to feel comfortable to continuously come back to us.

Moreover, from the desire of wanting to provide healthy hair and scalp, we use carbonated spring water for shampoo with no extra cost. It removes extra oil or sebum that accumulates on the scalp, making your hair return to its natural beauty.

From shampoo to the finish, our Japanese stylists with experience of working in Tokyo will be more than happy to attend to you.

Please come and experience Tokyo’s top class techniques, skills and service here at COVO.
Here are questions frequently asked by our customers.
What is carbonated spring shampoo?
A: It is shampoo made of carbonated spring water. Carbonated spring water has a high concentration of carbon dioxide of more than 1,000ppm. This enables you to get dirt out of your pores, which can be hard to do with regular shampoo.
What is the difference between water in Singapore and water in Japan?
A: Water in Singapore is strongly alkaline and contains a lot of fluoride. This can adversely affect the pores of your scalp after using it for a long time.
Why have I experienced hair loss since coming to Singapore?
A: It is easy for sebum in the scalp to increase in the local climate. Because the water here is strongly alkaline, it can also cause hair loss and it can clog the pores.
iconWhat is Argan Color ?
Argan Oil is natural oil extracted from the kernels of argan trees in Morocco. Rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamin E, beneficial for hair and skin.
At COVO, we have developed NEW coloring technique using Argan Oil to make your hair shinier and softer!
iconWhy Argan Oil is good for hair?
-Promote strong healthy hair growth.
-Repair chemical damages to hair.
-Softer, more manageable hair.
-Treat split ends.
-Tame Frizz and promoting shine and gloss.
Did you know that carbonated spring water shampoo is a more effective way of getting rid of grime and dirt from the pores of your head than regular shampoo? This also helps to reduce hair damage and generates healthier hair.

Here in Singapore, ultraviolet rays are strong and the water when compared to water in Japan is more alkaline and contains fluoride. Moreover, the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is more than 10°C, and humidity is around the 70% range. All these factors contribute to hair damage. For those who have noticed hair loss, hair damage, and dry scalp since coming to Singapore, the probable causes are ultraviolet rays and water.

At COVO, we recondition the cuticles to reduce hair damage by using carbonated spring water. Your hair will be silky smooth as we rid your hair of dirt and sebum, and improve the blood circulation of your scalp. Furthermore, you can expect positive results when you set, color and even perm your hair. You will be able to feel and see highly effective results with our carbonated foam head spa.

We also have carbonated products for sale in our salon so you will be able to achieve similar results at home. Carbonated foam does not contain anything unnecessary and only contains ultra-high concentration of carbon dioxide, so it can be used for both your hair and skin. It recognizably promotes blood circulation when used on your skin. It also helps your skin return to it’s original 28-day turnover cycle, thus removing dullness of the skin and has a lifting effect.
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