CHIKA(Manager)Top Stylist

Recommend style…Short to medium style, Mens' cut, Perm style and The style to make the volume hair manageable.

I am from Okinawa. I came to Singapore after 11 years of experience at a well known hair salon in Naha city, Okinawa.
If you have big volume hair and the styling is not easy, or if you find everyday styling troublesome, please feel free to consult with us.I have confidence in the cutting skill that makes daily styling easier. Mens' haircut that suits facial shape is my strength as well.

Katong - SARAKatong - SARA

SARATop Stylist

Recommend style…Soft short hair style, Bob, and Tailored design cut

I worked in a hair salon in Kobe for 25 years , 10 of which was as the branch manager. I also studied haircut technique in Vidal Sassoon in London for 1 year. Besides my salon work, I have lectured at many haircut seminars in Japan, Korea and Taiwan as well.
Please feel free to share your hair concern or request make-up or kimono dressing as well. My favourite thigs to do on my off day are Yoga, travelling and karaoke♪

Katong - IreneKatong - Irene

IreneTop Stylist

Recommend style…Between short to medium ladies styles. Natural and easy to manage style and colour.

My passion for hair makes 17 years of experience in Singapore hair industry. 7 years as salon manager.
I love meeting people and treasure relationships. I believe enhancing beauty brings ultimate satisfaction.
I can create hairstyles that suits your feature and profession.
My dream is to travel the world.Travelling gives me inspiration and motivation.

Off day…Sundays&Mondays

Katong - CyndyKatong - Cyndy

CyndyTop Stylist

Recommend style…Baby Highlight and temperament soft long layer hair style.

I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I believe that I genuinely care about my customers. They will feel it and reciprocate with their trust and loyalty.
I have innovated and incorporated the best of dry cuts and styles into my personal hair cutting technique. I am good at controlling unruly hair from my two decades of experience in the industry.


Katong - MIKAKatong - MIKA

MIKATop Stylist

Recommend style…Short style, Bob, Medium length, All styles to match the facial shape

16 years in Japan(Osaka&Hyogo) + 4.5 years in Vietnam (Hanoi) = total 21 years of experience as a hair professional.
I love Asia and am excited about the new challenges here in Singapore♪I am looking forward to meeting you in person.

Katong - SherlinKatong - Sherlin

SherlinSenior Stylist

Recommend style…Fluffy bob (shoulder length), Hair treatment, Re-bonding,Perm & Highlights.

For those who want to change their hairstyle, I will create a fresh look with my passion for hair.
Through my 15 years of profession, my philosophy of work is to be truthful and give sincere advice to customers. I love to create what makes them feel good with the best look of hair every day. I also care about a healthy scalp that is the base for maintaining healthy hair and creation of the best hairstyle. On my off days, I enjoy baking!

Outram Park - MATSUOutram Park - MATSU

MATSUSenior Stylist

Recommend style…stylish and effortless hair, short, bob, highlights

I have more than 20 years of experience in one of Tokyo’s most famous salon, SHIMA, and have also worked as their director before coming to Singapore
With the knowledge and techniques acquired in Tokyo, I can recommend a hairstyle that will bring out and enhance your charm! Let’s create YOUR hairstyle together!