Outram Park - NATSUMIOutram Park - NATSUMI

NATSUMI(Manager)Top Stylist

Recommend style…Elegant or cute long-medium hair style and Stylish short hair style

I am from Hokkaido. If you plan to travel to Hokkaido, please let me know as I can advise you on some travel tips.
I try to create a style that can be reproduced by the customer at home. With the customer's future hair plan in mind, I pay attention to the health condition of the hair so that he/she can enjoy colouring, perm, and straight hair repeatedly. Our Head Spa has been well received, so please try it as a reward for yourself.

Outram Park - KIYOOutram Park - KIYO

KIYOTop Stylist

Recommend style…Trend following highlishts& balayage, Smooth and elegant style, Cute style and Hair arrangements.

Based on more than 20 years of extensive experience, I will be very happy to help you from daily hair care to special occasions.
As a make-up artist, I have experience in magazines, TV and advertisements as well. We have prepared bridal hair colouring & make-up plan too.Please feel free to contact me!

Outram Park - LISAOutram Park - LISA

LISATop Stylist

Recommend style…Perm style, Rebonding, Keratin treatment and Mens' cut

I will be able to give you hair advice from my long experience, so please feel free to consult any hair concerns.
My proposal will be based on each customer's life style and the ideal style. I would love to add happiness to your life ☆彡

Outram Park - MATSUOutram Park - MATSU

MATSUSenior Stylist

Recommend style…stylish and effortless hair, short, bob, highlights

I have more than 20 years of experience in one of Tokyo’s most famous salon, SHIMA, and have also worked as their director before coming to Singapore
With the knowledge and techniques acquired in Tokyo, I can recommend a hairstyle that will bring out and enhance your charm! Let’s create YOUR hairstyle together!

Outram Park - TOMOKIOutram Park - TOMOKI

TOMOKISenior Stylist

Recommend style…Mens' s cut, Mens' s perm, short bob, highlights with contrast, head spa for slimmer face

With my specialization in head spa, l have provided services to more than 500 customers thus far. My head spa can help to reduce tension, relieve stress and even make you fall asleep.
I can also speak Italian as I have experience working in Rome. I will do my best to achieve your desired style and design, so please feel free to share with me any concerns you have.
Looking forward to meeting you!