What is carbonated spring shampoo?
A: It is a shampoo made of carbonated spring water. Carbonated spring water has a high concentration of carbon dioxide of more than 1,000ppm. This gets rid of dirt from your pores, which may be difficult to do with regular shampoo.
Is carbonated spring shampoo good?
A: Carbonate makes the hair stronger by taking away factors that can damage your hair. It makes your hair smooth and shiny by reducing damage, promoting blood circulation getting rid of grime and dirt from the pores of scalp.
What are the showerheads, carbonated tablets and carbonated foam sold at the salon?
A: TThe showerheads for sale at our salon will generate negative ions and helps with chlorine removal. The carbonated tablets will promote blood circulation, help reduce hair loss and remove dirt from cuticles as well as pores. Carbonated foam contains onlyultra-high concentrations of carbon dioxide, so it can be used for both hair and skin. It promotes blood circulation when used on skin. It also helps skin return to its original 28-day turnover cycle, thus removing dullness of the skin and has a lifting effect.
What is the difference between commercial shampoo and hair salon shampoo?
A: Many commercial shampoosare petroleum-based. This kind of shampoo causes the hair to be coarse after being washed as commercial shampoos contains a lot of silicone. Even though it might seem easy to glide your fingers through your hair while using commercial shampoos, these ingredients can cause itchiness to hair and scalp if you do not rinseit outproperly. The shampoo used at COVO is milder, and gentle on hair. It also helps maintain the colour and perm.
Why is drying your hair naturally not a good idea?
A: We recommend you dry your hair thoroughly and properly as your hair can be more vulnerable because of the friction of the cuticles when it is wet. Additionally, the scalp can be stuffy if treated when wet.
Is it ok to perm my hair right after rebonding it?
A: We don’t recommend you to perm your hair after getting it rebonded as the combination of the chemicals used in perming and rebonding will cause some damage. However, you will be able to get a digital perm with hair rebonding as the solution used is the same. This is what we call “straight perm” and depending on the state of your hair, you’ll be able to save time as you’re getting it both done at the same time.
Will rebonded hair be straight like a stick?
A: Don’t worry. At our salon, we can make the ends of your rebonded hair look more naturally rounded and not super straight. Using a hair iron with high temperature will make hair hard and straight like wire and causes breakage. Getting your hair rebonded at our salon means you will be able to get rid of the unwanted natural waves of your hair but still maintain and enjoy a naturally voluminous hair.
Can I perm and color at the same time?
A: If it's just a retouch, no problem. But if you would like to dye your whole hair, it might affect the quality, depending on your hair condition. It's the best to colour, 1 week of perming. Please consult with your stylists.
What is a creep perm?
A: At COVO, we take into consideration each customer’s hairtype. Our normal perms are all creep perm. We roll each rod and apply perm solution (1st agent) and as the solution drips down, we leave it for some time before applying another solution (2nd agent). This leaving time is called “Creep Time”, when the structure of the hair shifts. Usual perms use solution (1st agent) and then rinsed. The second solution is immediately applied. The hair cuticle is not shifted properly with this method, so there have been cases where curls do not turn out well and hair damage is visible, but by using creep perm, we can reduce these undesirable results.
What is the difference between a perm and digital perm?
A: Normal perms only use chemicals while digital perms uses heat to create the curls. This reduces the degree of damage of your hair, as the amount of perm solution used is lesser. Moreover, when the hair is wet, you’ll be able to see waves but the curls will appear vividly when dry. Another feature of the digital perm is that it lets you have a hairstyle that looks like it was done with a curling iron.
What is a straight curl?
A: This is where the base of your hair is straight, but you will have digital perm at the ends of your hair. The volume of your hair will be manageable and the curls at the ends of your hair will be natural and the finish look will be elegant.
What is the difference between your original hair chemicals and normal hair chemicals?
A: The difference between commercial solutions is that our original solution has eliminated the damage that can be caused by alkali. The damage is also minimalized, so you will see almost no damage after getting your hair done. Our stylists will blend the solution to match your hair needs.
What is the difference between treatment and spa treatment?
A: For super treatment, there is 50% more concentration of keratin, collagen and protein to penetrate deep into the hair. These particles are also smaller than in normal treatment. These super treatments take up to about 2 hours, have long-lasting effects and results in hair with luster. However, depending on the quality of your hair and the difference in the contents of effective ingredients, the results and duration can differ. Please consult with your stylist for your hair diagnosis.
What kind of impact does chlorine in water have on hair?
A: Chlorine can adhere to protein. Hair can become reddish when you shampoo your hair with water containing chlorine as it melts out melanin pigment along with the protein of hair. The stronger the amount of chlorine, the more adverse the effects. It can fade the colour of your dyed hair and cause hair damage.
Does hair get sunburn?
A: Hair also gets sunburnt. It is easy to get sunburnt as the head is where ultraviolet rays hit the strongest. Excessive sunburn can cause damage such as dryness and decolourization.
Are products sold at the salon Japanese?
A: We use Japanese products such as MUCOTA, ARIMINO and NAKANO as recommended by the stylists. We also use carbonated products.
Are ultraviolet rays in Singapore strong?
A: The ultraviolet rays in Singapore are thought to be 7 times stronger than in Japan.
Why have I experienced hair loss since coming to Singapore?
A: It is easy for sebum in the scalp to increase in the local climate because the water here is strongly alkaline. It can also cause hair loss and it clog the pores.
Why is it easy for dyed hair to fade in Singapore?
A: The ultraviolet rays here are strong. It penetrates through the hair and affects hair protein. This causes the colour of dyed hair to fade.
What is the difference between water in Singapore and water in Japan?
A: Water in Singapore is strongly alkaline and contains a lot of fluoride. This can adversely affect the pores of your scalp after using it for a long time.
Why was it easy for my hair to come together in Japan but it becomes wavy and frizzy in Singapore?
A: Because it is very humid in Singapore, hair becomes frizzy. It is similar to what you experience during the humid and rainy season in Japan in June. Because it is humid all year round in Singapore, hair is frizzy all the time.
Can I pay by credit card?
A: We accept VISA, Mastercard and JCB. We also accept payment by NETS. We do not accept AMEX and Diners.
Do you have surcharges and do you charge extra for long hair?
A: We do not have surcharges and we do not charge extra for long hair. We want you feel at ease and have made the prices affordable.
Until what age can my child get a kid’s haircut?
A: Haircuts for primary school students are priced at $60, while haircuts for secondary school students are priced at $80.
What benefits do I get if I introduced my friends and family to the salon?
A: If you introduce your friends and family to the student, you get 20% off. In addition, 20% is for each person you introduce. The number of people you recommend will co-relate to the number of discounts you will receive.
Can I speak Japanese if I called?
A: All our staff can speak Japanese. Please feel free to contact us.
Are all the staff Japanese?
A: Yes. Our staff is all Japanese.
Can I bring my child to the salon?
A: You can bring your children to our salon. You can also use our private room for a nominal fee.
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